Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay....well...let's see...a lot has happened since my last post after the Mississippi State the time..we were undefeated. Since than...we have lost 5 games...I lost my parking space, my son's restaurant closed, and we have a new president that has absolutely no damn clue!! (This is my blog...I can say what I want whether you agree or not!!!!) But have no fear....Jason is going with Red Lobster and will be just fine!!! He will be taking up where his dad left's a long and drawn out story that I will put in my book at a later date, which I might need the proceeds from since we have a new president that has NO CLUE!!!! But for now...we (Auburn fateful) are excited about beating those Georgia Bullturds this weekend. Jason and hopefully Christin, will be in town for Tiger Talk on Thursday and the game on Saturday. I'm remaining very positive. Then Auburn will have a weekend off before we beat the tar out of the Crimson Turds in Tuscaloser. But before the win in T-town, Megan and T will be home for Thanksgiving. Oh....the Holiday's are here again. It only seems like yesterday that I was pulling out my Christmas stuff and decking the halls. And here we go again!! far as losing my parking space....I was ahead by 2 strokes going into the 18th hole after being behind 4 strokes going into the 2nd day...all I had to do was make a bogey putt to win...but noooooo.. I had to double bogey and send it into a play off where my new friend, Liz, beat me on the first hole of the playoff. But as Big Rog said...I put myself into a position to win. Which made me feel good at the time...but now I can kick my big fat ars(keeping it clean). But....there's always next year. I'm hitting the ball pretty well...what happens to me is between my ears. I start thinking(imagine that) and I loose my composure.

Okay...enough bad news...the good news is my son will start with Red Lobster next Wednesday. The company that bought out Smokey Bones, closed his restaurant. He made some calls to the big wigs at RL and the next thing you know...he's in!! He's the Golden Child. Megan's my Gifted Child and Jason is the Golden Child!! They know what I'm talking about.

Hopefully our Clueless President Elect will do well. Of course I'm not pulling against him like I do with the Crimson Turds. My money and my kids inheritance is on the line.....everyone pray for Berock...heck do you spell his first name?????

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