Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay....well...let's see...a lot has happened since my last post after the Mississippi State the time..we were undefeated. Since than...we have lost 5 games...I lost my parking space, my son's restaurant closed, and we have a new president that has absolutely no damn clue!! (This is my blog...I can say what I want whether you agree or not!!!!) But have no fear....Jason is going with Red Lobster and will be just fine!!! He will be taking up where his dad left's a long and drawn out story that I will put in my book at a later date, which I might need the proceeds from since we have a new president that has NO CLUE!!!! But for now...we (Auburn fateful) are excited about beating those Georgia Bullturds this weekend. Jason and hopefully Christin, will be in town for Tiger Talk on Thursday and the game on Saturday. I'm remaining very positive. Then Auburn will have a weekend off before we beat the tar out of the Crimson Turds in Tuscaloser. But before the win in T-town, Megan and T will be home for Thanksgiving. Oh....the Holiday's are here again. It only seems like yesterday that I was pulling out my Christmas stuff and decking the halls. And here we go again!! far as losing my parking space....I was ahead by 2 strokes going into the 18th hole after being behind 4 strokes going into the 2nd day...all I had to do was make a bogey putt to win...but noooooo.. I had to double bogey and send it into a play off where my new friend, Liz, beat me on the first hole of the playoff. But as Big Rog said...I put myself into a position to win. Which made me feel good at the time...but now I can kick my big fat ars(keeping it clean). But....there's always next year. I'm hitting the ball pretty well...what happens to me is between my ears. I start thinking(imagine that) and I loose my composure.

Okay...enough bad news...the good news is my son will start with Red Lobster next Wednesday. The company that bought out Smokey Bones, closed his restaurant. He made some calls to the big wigs at RL and the next thing you know...he's in!! He's the Golden Child. Megan's my Gifted Child and Jason is the Golden Child!! They know what I'm talking about.

Hopefully our Clueless President Elect will do well. Of course I'm not pulling against him like I do with the Crimson Turds. My money and my kids inheritance is on the line.....everyone pray for Berock...heck do you spell his first name?????

Saturday, September 20, 2008

So yo momma knows about football!!

I know...I's been a while since I updated my blog...but hey...I've been busy with football, golf and work. Let me update you on the past few weeks. Auburn, my beloved football team, is 3-0 so far in play. Last weekend, Roger and I traveled to Starkville, Mississippi to watch the Tigers play Mississippi State in a nail biting game (believe me...I'm use to nail biters as an Auburn fan). After our 3-2 win...yes I said 3-2 and it isn't even baseball season, my good bud, Suzanne Bendinger and I left Starkville on our yearly trip to the Alabama Senior Women's Amateur in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was 4 days of golf....4 days....straight. I was in the lead after the first day with a great score of 77. But the demons entered my head on the 2nd and 3rd day. Now when I say demons I don't mean pea soup, head spinning demons. Golf demons are almost worse....I kinda wish my head had started to spin....maybe that would have distracted my opponents and they would have been freaked out and started playing as poorly as I was!! Anyway, I finished 3rd and felt pretty good after birding the final hole!! I guess by them the old demon thought he had done his job.....again. Oh Suzanne's only golf....not life itself....easy for her to say. On a exciting note, Jason is in town this weekend for the Auburn/LSU football game. It's excitement galore around here. Motor homes started rolling in on Tuesday. ESPN game day is here. Blimps are flying all over the place and I'm starting to get excited. Megan will be here next week for the Auburn/Tennessee game. So I have a lot to look forward to. I was emailing Meggie Moo yesterday about how I thought our football team would do after a disappointing win last weekend. I explained some new plays that we were working on and that we matched up pretty well with LSU. She started forwarding my emails to her Auburn friends whom also live in Denver and the next thing I knew...I was on their email list. I think they think I pretty cool. One of them even emailed Megan and said "I love your mom, Megan"!! Anyway...I do know a little about football and what I don't know....Roger fills me in. So, February 2009 will be the 10th anniversary of Megan and Jason's father Gary's passing. We are planning a ski week in Breckenridge to remember him. I told Megan to make sure they have some bunny slopes cuz that's were I'll be. Megan has found us a really nice house to rent and got a great deal on it. Thomas' mom is planning on going with us which I will enjoy....cuz I'll have someone flying on the plane with me....I hate to fly...I always think when I get on the plane if these are the people I'm going to die with....I know...that's morbid but come on...some of you think the same way. Let's say you are sitting on the plane while it's still on the ground and you look out the window and see some official looking people looking at one of the wings....and scratching their chins....wouldn't you want to yell....GET ME THE HELL OFF THIS PLANE!!! But you know you can't. So the whole flight you keep looking at the dang now you know how I feel about flying. Anyway...things to Leigh (Thomas' mom) I am hooked on Sudoku....but I think I already told you all that. Maybe I can get into some Sudoku tournaments!!! Hummmmm .....I could tame those demons!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

GAME WEEK!!'s so close I can almost taste it! ! No Megan...I don't have a crown and sprite sitting next to me as I type this!!! IT'S GAME WEEK!!! I'm so excited...I went out and bought some Depends....just in case. My clothing selection for this week, orange, blue, blue and orange on Friday. Thursday night is Tiger's always an emotional night for me as my daughter, the aforementioned Megan, use to be the "Tiger Talk Girl" during her Junior and Senior year at Auburn University. I was so proud of her....almost as much as I was when she was a cheerleader at Auburn High School!! I was the original "Texas Cheer Mom"....but...I'm getting off of the "TTG" story. Tiger Talk is Tommy Tuberville's Thursday night radio call in show before football games. It's usually live on location at The Auburn University Conference Center. Tommy takes questions from the audience and calls from fans listening on line or on the radio. Me and Roger usually go with our friends The Berringers. Then after TT, Roger and I will go hang out with our other good friends, Rick and Suzanne Bendinger (what is it with all the funny names??). They bring their nice motor home up for games and we'll go visit them for an hour or so. IT'S ALL SO FUN AND EXCITING!! You just have to be here to understand AUBURN FOOTBALL WEEK!! WAR EAGLE AND 6 MORE DAYS!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

What up with Fay?

Okay....Fay is like an annoying friend that won't leave!!! You know, they come to visit and stay and stay and when they do leave....they leave a fricking mess!! So, according to the Weather Channel...Fay has decided to raise her ugly head on the Gulf coast aka... Panama City, Pensacola..and..oh by the way...if you want to know about my prediction on Fay...scroll down to my blog from the 19th and see where I said Fay would end up.....DEAD RIGHT ON...told you I should have been a weather person. That means the outer feeder bands (sorry Megan....had to say it) will hit Auburn. We're already getting winds of around 10 mhp and it's along way away!! I'm driving down to our lake "house" in the morning and will probably be driving some of the way in the clutches of the beast....oh a little carried away....but it will be raining pretty hard at the lake. Big Rog drove down there this morning to cut the grass before the rain. I better pull out my galoshes!!!

On a happier note......8 more days!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Girls really do love to shop!!!

So...I took my granddaughter, Jordan, out clothes shopping tonight. We went to Belks and I told her to pick out some outfits. She loves the color brown so she got three new (you guessed it) brown shirts. She also got two pairs of jeans and a pair of white Capri pants. Then we went down to the Hallmark shop and she picked out three new web kins (kinda like beanie babies for you older mothers). Our next stop was on to Laredo's for some Mexican. I thought she was stuffed only because she said she was!! But wait....then she wanted ice cream from Bruster!! On our way to her house, we stopped by Granddaddy's and talked him, Nina and Uncle Tim Man who is visiting this week from Hawaii. When we got to Jordan's house (which is in the same neighborhood Granddaddy lives) Jordan wanted me to come in and see her room . She has a nice house and I love her room. She has her own bathroom in her bedroom!!! How took me 23 years before I had my bathroom in my bedroom....and that was in a single wide mobile at 444 Ridgewood Village in Auburn in 1979!!

So what is up with Fay? That bitch just needs to peter out and stop reeking havoc on the First Coast. Talked to Jason today....he said it was raining pretty hard in Jville. Batten down the hatches Jason....Fay's there to stay!!

9 more days until my life begins!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take Cover!!!! tonight my blog is going to center around Hurricane Fay which is traveling over the central part of Florida. As some of you know, my son lives in Jacksonville. I talked to him earlier this evening and he said that "Tim says" (that's Tim Deegan , a weatherman from a television station in Jville) the storm is going to go out into the Atlantic Ocean and intensify into an actual hurricane and hit Neptune Beach. Well...I told Jason from my experience with Hurricane Hugo from 1989....if Fay does make it out into the will hit the gulf stream and move north of Jville close to Charleston. But my actual prediction is that is will peter out over central Florida and could turn west back into the Gulf of Mexico and possible hit land again near Pensacola!!! I always wanted to be a weather person......but a mother and a golfer suits me just fine!! WAR EAGLE........11 more days until my life begins!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Played pretty well on Sunday...didn't start nearly as well as I did when the lightning stopped me the day before. My putting really was off. I was hitting it short and leaving a long putt for par. Got to work on that aspect of my game.

Found out this morning that one of my good friend's, Susan Baker from Gulf Shores, husband doesn't have colon cancer. That is a blessing as she had breast cancer last year and has made a full recovery. The doctors still need to check some spots on his liver. We are keeping them in our prayers.

12 more days until my life begins. We are tailgating with some new people this year. Hopefully I will get along with them. I can't believe football season is here already. Jason told me yesterday he might not be able to come to the first game. I'm a little disappointed as I love seeing both of my kids. But he did say that Christin will probably come so I know Jordan will be happy to see her.

Going to pick up Jordan today from school. We're going to go shopping and eat at our favorite place....Larado's. She really enjoys hanging out with me cuz she says I'm so cool. You know...I never knew either of my grandparents so I really don't know the proper way to act when you are one. I just act myself!! And people that know me really well say I'm one step away from the nut house!! Good friends....they are always there for you. Yeah..right...they would be the first to strap me into a straight jacket!!

Speaking of very best friend, Salem Murphy, completed a movie last year that is waiting to be released in the theaters. The movie is called "She could be you" and is about a little girl that disappeared from her home in Tampa several years ago. If it comes have to go see it. Salem plays the grandmother. We have been trying to get together for a 20th friendship reunion this year, but our schedules seem to clash at every turn. I'm going to work on it really hard next year.

My mom's health is not very good these days. She has trouble walking and is in constant pain. We hired a lady that comes in to take care if her during the day. Mom came over to my house last night and ate dinner with us. She still wants to go to Venice, Florida one last time and I'm going to take her. She said she wants to put her feet in the sand one last time. Sounds kinda sad, but what would be even sadder is if she never got that opportunity. I took her with me to Denver last year to see Megan and she loved the trip. It was hard on her, but she really enjoyed seeing the mountains and Jon Bonet Ramsey's house in Boulder!!

Well...enough for now. Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. Post comments if you want. At least I will know someone is actually ready my dribble.