Saturday, September 20, 2008

So yo momma knows about football!!

I know...I's been a while since I updated my blog...but hey...I've been busy with football, golf and work. Let me update you on the past few weeks. Auburn, my beloved football team, is 3-0 so far in play. Last weekend, Roger and I traveled to Starkville, Mississippi to watch the Tigers play Mississippi State in a nail biting game (believe me...I'm use to nail biters as an Auburn fan). After our 3-2 win...yes I said 3-2 and it isn't even baseball season, my good bud, Suzanne Bendinger and I left Starkville on our yearly trip to the Alabama Senior Women's Amateur in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was 4 days of golf....4 days....straight. I was in the lead after the first day with a great score of 77. But the demons entered my head on the 2nd and 3rd day. Now when I say demons I don't mean pea soup, head spinning demons. Golf demons are almost worse....I kinda wish my head had started to spin....maybe that would have distracted my opponents and they would have been freaked out and started playing as poorly as I was!! Anyway, I finished 3rd and felt pretty good after birding the final hole!! I guess by them the old demon thought he had done his job.....again. Oh Suzanne's only golf....not life itself....easy for her to say. On a exciting note, Jason is in town this weekend for the Auburn/LSU football game. It's excitement galore around here. Motor homes started rolling in on Tuesday. ESPN game day is here. Blimps are flying all over the place and I'm starting to get excited. Megan will be here next week for the Auburn/Tennessee game. So I have a lot to look forward to. I was emailing Meggie Moo yesterday about how I thought our football team would do after a disappointing win last weekend. I explained some new plays that we were working on and that we matched up pretty well with LSU. She started forwarding my emails to her Auburn friends whom also live in Denver and the next thing I knew...I was on their email list. I think they think I pretty cool. One of them even emailed Megan and said "I love your mom, Megan"!! Anyway...I do know a little about football and what I don't know....Roger fills me in. So, February 2009 will be the 10th anniversary of Megan and Jason's father Gary's passing. We are planning a ski week in Breckenridge to remember him. I told Megan to make sure they have some bunny slopes cuz that's were I'll be. Megan has found us a really nice house to rent and got a great deal on it. Thomas' mom is planning on going with us which I will enjoy....cuz I'll have someone flying on the plane with me....I hate to fly...I always think when I get on the plane if these are the people I'm going to die with....I know...that's morbid but come on...some of you think the same way. Let's say you are sitting on the plane while it's still on the ground and you look out the window and see some official looking people looking at one of the wings....and scratching their chins....wouldn't you want to yell....GET ME THE HELL OFF THIS PLANE!!! But you know you can't. So the whole flight you keep looking at the dang now you know how I feel about flying. Anyway...things to Leigh (Thomas' mom) I am hooked on Sudoku....but I think I already told you all that. Maybe I can get into some Sudoku tournaments!!! Hummmmm .....I could tame those demons!!!

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Megan said...

I was JUST talking about the whole "dying with these people" thing to Haley yesterday! I feel the same way. which is why I'm sure I'll have my fair share of cocktails on the plane Friday.