Sunday, August 24, 2008

GAME WEEK!!'s so close I can almost taste it! ! No Megan...I don't have a crown and sprite sitting next to me as I type this!!! IT'S GAME WEEK!!! I'm so excited...I went out and bought some Depends....just in case. My clothing selection for this week, orange, blue, blue and orange on Friday. Thursday night is Tiger's always an emotional night for me as my daughter, the aforementioned Megan, use to be the "Tiger Talk Girl" during her Junior and Senior year at Auburn University. I was so proud of her....almost as much as I was when she was a cheerleader at Auburn High School!! I was the original "Texas Cheer Mom"....but...I'm getting off of the "TTG" story. Tiger Talk is Tommy Tuberville's Thursday night radio call in show before football games. It's usually live on location at The Auburn University Conference Center. Tommy takes questions from the audience and calls from fans listening on line or on the radio. Me and Roger usually go with our friends The Berringers. Then after TT, Roger and I will go hang out with our other good friends, Rick and Suzanne Bendinger (what is it with all the funny names??). They bring their nice motor home up for games and we'll go visit them for an hour or so. IT'S ALL SO FUN AND EXCITING!! You just have to be here to understand AUBURN FOOTBALL WEEK!! WAR EAGLE AND 6 MORE DAYS!!

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