Friday, August 22, 2008

What up with Fay?

Okay....Fay is like an annoying friend that won't leave!!! You know, they come to visit and stay and stay and when they do leave....they leave a fricking mess!! So, according to the Weather Channel...Fay has decided to raise her ugly head on the Gulf coast aka... Panama City, Pensacola..and..oh by the way...if you want to know about my prediction on Fay...scroll down to my blog from the 19th and see where I said Fay would end up.....DEAD RIGHT ON...told you I should have been a weather person. That means the outer feeder bands (sorry Megan....had to say it) will hit Auburn. We're already getting winds of around 10 mhp and it's along way away!! I'm driving down to our lake "house" in the morning and will probably be driving some of the way in the clutches of the beast....oh a little carried away....but it will be raining pretty hard at the lake. Big Rog drove down there this morning to cut the grass before the rain. I better pull out my galoshes!!!

On a happier note......8 more days!!

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