Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Girls really do love to shop!!!

So...I took my granddaughter, Jordan, out clothes shopping tonight. We went to Belks and I told her to pick out some outfits. She loves the color brown so she got three new (you guessed it) brown shirts. She also got two pairs of jeans and a pair of white Capri pants. Then we went down to the Hallmark shop and she picked out three new web kins (kinda like beanie babies for you older mothers). Our next stop was on to Laredo's for some Mexican. I thought she was stuffed only because she said she was!! But wait....then she wanted ice cream from Bruster!! On our way to her house, we stopped by Granddaddy's and talked him, Nina and Uncle Tim Man who is visiting this week from Hawaii. When we got to Jordan's house (which is in the same neighborhood Granddaddy lives) Jordan wanted me to come in and see her room . She has a nice house and I love her room. She has her own bathroom in her bedroom!!! How took me 23 years before I had my bathroom in my bedroom....and that was in a single wide mobile at 444 Ridgewood Village in Auburn in 1979!!

So what is up with Fay? That bitch just needs to peter out and stop reeking havoc on the First Coast. Talked to Jason today....he said it was raining pretty hard in Jville. Batten down the hatches Jason....Fay's there to stay!!

9 more days until my life begins!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!

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