Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take Cover!!!!

Okay...so tonight my blog is going to center around Hurricane Fay which is traveling over the central part of Florida. As some of you know, my son lives in Jacksonville. I talked to him earlier this evening and he said that "Tim says" (that's Tim Deegan , a weatherman from a television station in Jville) the storm is going to go out into the Atlantic Ocean and intensify into an actual hurricane and hit Neptune Beach. Well...I told Jason from my experience with Hurricane Hugo from 1989....if Fay does make it out into the Atlantic...it will hit the gulf stream and move north of Jville close to Charleston. But my actual prediction is that is will peter out over central Florida and could turn west back into the Gulf of Mexico and possible hit land again near Pensacola!!! I always wanted to be a weather person......but a mother and a golfer suits me just fine!! WAR EAGLE........11 more days until my life begins!!!!

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Megan said...

Love your new picture!! And of course the orange and blue text. Love you!!