Monday, August 18, 2008


Played pretty well on Sunday...didn't start nearly as well as I did when the lightning stopped me the day before. My putting really was off. I was hitting it short and leaving a long putt for par. Got to work on that aspect of my game.

Found out this morning that one of my good friend's, Susan Baker from Gulf Shores, husband doesn't have colon cancer. That is a blessing as she had breast cancer last year and has made a full recovery. The doctors still need to check some spots on his liver. We are keeping them in our prayers.

12 more days until my life begins. We are tailgating with some new people this year. Hopefully I will get along with them. I can't believe football season is here already. Jason told me yesterday he might not be able to come to the first game. I'm a little disappointed as I love seeing both of my kids. But he did say that Christin will probably come so I know Jordan will be happy to see her.

Going to pick up Jordan today from school. We're going to go shopping and eat at our favorite place....Larado's. She really enjoys hanging out with me cuz she says I'm so cool. You know...I never knew either of my grandparents so I really don't know the proper way to act when you are one. I just act myself!! And people that know me really well say I'm one step away from the nut house!! Good friends....they are always there for you. Yeah..right...they would be the first to strap me into a straight jacket!!

Speaking of very best friend, Salem Murphy, completed a movie last year that is waiting to be released in the theaters. The movie is called "She could be you" and is about a little girl that disappeared from her home in Tampa several years ago. If it comes have to go see it. Salem plays the grandmother. We have been trying to get together for a 20th friendship reunion this year, but our schedules seem to clash at every turn. I'm going to work on it really hard next year.

My mom's health is not very good these days. She has trouble walking and is in constant pain. We hired a lady that comes in to take care if her during the day. Mom came over to my house last night and ate dinner with us. She still wants to go to Venice, Florida one last time and I'm going to take her. She said she wants to put her feet in the sand one last time. Sounds kinda sad, but what would be even sadder is if she never got that opportunity. I took her with me to Denver last year to see Megan and she loved the trip. It was hard on her, but she really enjoyed seeing the mountains and Jon Bonet Ramsey's house in Boulder!!

Well...enough for now. Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. Post comments if you want. At least I will know someone is actually ready my dribble.

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