Friday, August 15, 2008

Well...thanks to my daughter...I went and did it. I started my own blog. Now I can keep you all posted on a regular basis on my exciting life. Maybe it will give you all something to read before you go to should put you right to sleep.

I played in the WAGA (Women's Alabama Golf Association) State Stroke play last week and came in second in my flight. If I had only marked my ball instead of going ahead and putting out....I would have tied for first and maybe won it all in a playoff....but noooooo. I've got to work on that before State Seniors (yes...I'm old) next month.

My life starts in 15 more days. Football season starts on the 3oth of this month. I can almost smell the grills going's smells like victory!!! Roger has been going to practice and said we are going to be really...really (and he doesn't usually say that twice) good!! I'm excited!! My granddaughter, Jordan is going with us. She is really excited also!! Jason and Christin will also be here along with Matt and Lisa(Jason's friends from Jacksonville) ....just wish Megan was...but believe me...her and I will be texting all through the game....Roger hates that...he says "why don't you just call her"....he know's nothing about texting...he's still in the dark ages. After the game...we are all going down to our lake "house" for the rest of the Labor Day weekend. It's Roger's way of getting Jason, Gabe and Matt involved in our remodeling. He's got them penciled in for some free labor!! Hey....they got to do something if they want to ride in the boat...right?

Well I guess that's enough for now...I'm sure you all will be checking back on a regular basis to see what excitment I have going on in my life!!

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